The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tapes in Tampa, Florida with guest Marco Rubio during the Republican National Convention

Posted on August 29, 2012


The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart says the things we are all thinking just afraid to say and ask. His critical and honest approach to bullshit in general has made him a hero to those whose sensibilities appreciate—demand even—a fairness and realness. While it has annoyed many in his satirical sites, he has gained millions of fans.

Tuesday he brought the live taping of The Daily Show to the Straz Center in Tampa, just a handful of blocks from the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the Republican National Convention is underway. “This is as close as were going to get to the convention,” Stewart joked while warming up the crowd of about 700 fans before the half-hour show that will air Tuesday, August 28 on Comedy Central at 11:00 p.m. EST. It is the fourth presidential campaign he has covered, this one with the theme “RNC 2012: The Road to Jeb Bush 2016.”

Initially his team of ‘Best F*&#ing News Team Ever went into Tampa to a post-Isaac (and post-apocalyptic looking) neighborhood, a strip club and a ‘juvenile’ palmetto bug scene, pinning blame of a run-down sweaty city as a perfect symbol and backdrop for the RNC regarding Barack Obama’s failed policies. Jason Jones, while getting a lapdance, named off several strip clubs in town and mentioned to blame it on Bush. He then clarified that ‘Blame it on Bush’ was actually the name of one of the strip clubs. “Barack Obama doesn’t care about black people” Jessica Williams said in Kanye fashion when speaking about an impending storm about to possibly hit New Orleans.

Having missed a week of taping live Stewart predictably and hilariously brought up congressman Todd Akin’s remarks about legitimate rape from a few days ago. After playing the clip he proceeded to mention other fascinating scientific facts about the vagina that we might not have heard of. Along with being able to magically repel a rapist’s semen it can also “be used as a wifi hot spot,” he said among other things.

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In fairness and in celebration of the ‘charisma boy’ of the convention, he brought on Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who seemed tolerant and even warm when peppered with some of the tougher questions, some to air on the web only. After walking Rubio down the path of how Paul Ryan was picked and how he was notified he would not be the vice-presidential running mate Stewart asked “What about Romney has won you over?” Rubio’s very slight pause allowed Stewart to jab “or how hasn’t he?”

“You really don’t belong in the Senate,” Stewart continued, ” perhaps you should take Rick Scott’s job. Florida deserves a Governor with hair!” he punctuated to a cheering crowd and grinning Rubio.

I got a chance to ask Jon before the show if he has invited our Governor Rick Scott to the taping in this, his state, and he answered tritely “Yes.” “Is he coming?” I continued. “No, we, uh, haven’t heard from him.”

While tickets for the rest of the week’s taping have already been scooped up, some standby tickets will be available each day at the Straz Center. Some who came and waited in line for this taping since 7:30 a.m. made it in and were sitting in the front row. The Straz Center has been providing an environment for a wide variety of world-class events since its opening in 1987. For more information about the center visit For viewing of the show and future episodes go to

John Stewart’s guests this week will include Herman Cain and Michael Steele among others.

—Eric Raddatz

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