l’m officially endorsing Barack Obama. (You know … for whatever that’s worth.)

Posted on October 24, 2012


So yes, I’ve held the distinct and much sought-after title of non-partisan affiliation in Florida for many years now and have never been of the opinion that a vote should be blindly be cast along party lines.

And yes, I’ve watched the three debates, pored over numerous newspaper editorial board’s endorsements, watched both liberal media and Fox coverage considering deeply the history, character and disposition of the presidential candidates in this most crucial 2012 election.

There are many reasons I’ve made this endorsement. The biggest, however, is because I see Barack Obama to be a truly caring, intelligent leader who is consistently strong, brilliant even. The fact that he understates the enormity of his value as president inheriting the greatest economic crisis second only to the great depression while involved in two needless wars and still managing to move the country in a positive direction in his first term bespeaks modesty and an underlying genius.

The fact that he has stood up against much pressure from the greedy economic and unbending political powers that be to accomplish things for the middle-class, underprivileged, gays, undocumented students, veterans, senior citizens and women show me that he has the best interests of America at heart. He has proven to me he will not just say things to get elected but that he will embrace his duty and civil responsibility to be concerned about every citizen in our country, not just the rich and influential. He will do it with class, with integrity and with a cool that I really actually like a lot.

Casting a vote for someone who clearly does not care about the aforementioned to lead this country would be the greatest disservice to my friends, family, children, future grandchildren who might fit this demographic. The people of this nation matter to me, not just the 1%. We cannot have the rich getting richer if it means the poor getting poorer and the sick, elderly and needy just dying in poverty. I will not vote for that. Sorry.

I see it as the greatest irony in this entire campaign the attempted negative branding of the Affordable Health Care for America Act as “Obamacare.” It is ironic because it has really positively branded Barack Obama as someone who actually cares. It is something that he and those it has helped have become very fond of. He actually does care about people needing heath care who have pre-existing conditions. He cares about them getting treatment in the nation that we call the finest in the world with technology that is available to those who are sick but unavailable to those who aren’t wealthy. It really actually spins a focus on how Republicans who are hell-bent on repealing this have not only lost their legal legs after the Supreme Court ruled it law, but on the immoral grounds that it is more important to them to secure greater riches for the wealthy than to save the lives of the HUMAN BEINGS who are in need of treatment.

Yes it has become very clear to me that the grand puba of flip-flops, Mitt Romney, has changed his public stance over and over so many times that he really stands for nothing other than saying whatever he thinks voters will want to hear. Like a drunk slick-talker at closing time who will invent anything to get into the pants of someone he doesn’t give a shit about. A vote for him is a vote for him do do whatever the hell he and his obnoxiously rich supporters want to do for the next four years, whether that means overturning Roe V. Wade, cancelling PBS, going to war for whatever reason he might invent the way Bush did, or who the hell knows whatever other terrible things he is capable of.

His track record has shown we don’t know what he stands for. We do know what he is capable of though, between thinking it is fair he is only taxed 14% while poor hard working Americans who aren’t able to safely shelter millions of dollars in safe, if not sketchy, tax havens overseas to bending the truth, exaggerating, lying and changing whatever position he has had to make someone vote for him. Not to mention how he doesn’t need to care about the 47% who don’t quite serve his needs in any particular way.

Throw in for good measure the fact that Obama has passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and Consumer Protection Act, offered intelligent global diplomacy and cooperation while halting terrorism by destroying Bin Laden,  revived an auto bailout and is married to the most wonderful Michelle Obama—who has made great strides to combat childhood obesity, offer caring treatment of our returning soldiers and offer the love and fortitude to her family during what history may show as the crucial turning point to the strengthening of our country in ways we have never seen before.

It is why you will spot me, the white intellectual, going house to house reminding everyone of how important it is that you vote this year. With early voting starting Oct. 27 in Lee County this is right around the corner. We can make a difference. You can make a difference.

Oh and locally, you will see me voting way Republican, a lot even.

—I have plenty of friends that are both Democrats and Republicans. While most of them seem to be intelligent enough to understand that we are each entitled to our political opinions and constitutionally guaranteed the right to vote and freedom of speech to explain our beliefs, for the few that may not be able to handle we have a difference of opinions and still be friends I do apologize and promise that no matter the outcome of the election I continue to vow you my professional and personal friendship.

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