Top ten reasons why Fort Myers Film Festival kicks Sundance Film Festival’s ass

Posted on January 17, 2013


Top ten reasons why Fort Myers Film Festival kicks Sundance Film Festival’s ass
by Fort Myers Film Festival on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 4:30pm ·

10) The weather. It’s flipping cold in Utah. It will be averaging 73 degrees March 21-25 and that is really perfect. Florida is the best place to be in the winter—anywhere in the world.


9) Our venues. Let’s face it—no one in Utah can brag that Thomas Edison used to get his mail there. The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Alliance for the Arts, Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre and Edison Restaurant would mount up against any of the lame ass venues they have out there. We are way better.


8) Utah doesn’t have beaches. We are 20 min from the best rated beaches in the world. See a film then sit on the beach all day sipping margaritas on Captiva, Sanibel or Naples.


7) World class accommodations. Four words—Resort at Marina Village. It is in the Sunstream family and it is a 5 star resort accommodations overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Our stars are stayin there and we are having a filmmaker party there Friday, March 23 so come meet our superstars. With special thanks to the Holiday Inn Downtown Fort Myers (which is actually five words.)


6) We have Melissa DeHaven — she’s so hot!


5) Programming. You know, in our festival you can actually see all of the films. Festivals like Sundance have so many hundreds of films playing you couldn’t clone yourself 3 times and see all they have in programming. We have just the right amount of films you can digest for a 5-day festival. Come see them all with at $250 all access pass.


4) Let’s admit it. Sundance is played. While it used to cater to and support the indie filmmaker—thank you Robert Redford—you see more and more bigger budget films seeking nothing but immediate distribution. Where is the love of art in that? It is a festival that has become the big elite industry that they used to fight against.


3) You can meet the founder. Speaking of Robert Redford, would you want to meet him? Sure you would he’s amazing but forget about it. He is inaccessible. Eric Raddatz, however, will be at nearly every screening. Care to get him a drink at Space 39 or Ford’s Garage after the film? Oh, he will join you—and remind you of how Fort Myers Film Festival kicks Sundance’s ass.


2) It’s just better cause it’s cool


1) We support our local filmmaker. Come support the dozens of LOCAL celebrity, upcoming and established filmmakers, stars, directors and producers. If you love Southwest Florida you should support Southwest Florida.

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