Dunk City turns Drunk City as Fort Myers will be shitfaced by end of night

Posted on March 29, 2013



“DUNK CITY” shot, specially created for the FGCU Eagles by Waldorf Astoria, will be handed out with every dunk in tonight’s game

Welcome to the week officially being owned by FGCU in this ever-crazying Dunk City where tonight the party is about to explode. The biggest question in this frenzy where our city has more attention since it has ever been a city, is where will I watch the big game tonight?

At 9:57 p.m. we can all watch history unfold, of course, and tune in to TBS from home as the Eagles look to swoop down and damage the Gators and continue the Cinderella story like none other. But is home really the spot for such excitement? Personally, my vote is yes. Why? Because by midnight Dunk City will unofficially be DRunk City.

I’m sure the invites to the parties are coming in to you too. I’m sure their are no exaggerations either, these parties are going to be SICK.

Downtown there is Bacchus bragging a 10-foot screen where you can enjoy the game. Seems like they are overcompensating a little, but still, a great place to take in a game with cozy brick interior, good wine and fireplace. Closer to campus, Applebees’s has them beat though, where just off Corkscrew Rd they are blowing up a 20-foot x 20-foot screen outdoors. You are encouraged to ‘bring your own chairs’ at that one though. Might be a bit chilly in your green and blue so bring a jacket too. Or just drain another pint.

ImageAlso just around the corner from FGCU campus is Cadillac Jack’s which is promoting 40 TVs— but also this fun nugget—free eagle bomb shots for EVERYONE with every alley-oop. Sound like too much? They aren’t the only ones doing that.

Closer to Naples, The Bar at Waldorf Astoria has three shots for the game including “Dirty Bird,” “Fried Gator,” and “Dunk City” they have made just for tonight’s occasion. They are buying rounds of shots for EVERYONE with EVERY Eagle slam dunk. Better get a room there after this one. Their rooms are nice. Just be sure to hide your keys where you cannot find them afterwards.

Miller’s Ale House is guaranteed a big, fun crowd. There are three here locally; one right at Gulf Coast Towne Center near campus, one south in Naples and the other off Colonial in Fort Myers, er.. Dunk City. It’s pretty much a given that all of their enormous screens will be tuned in. Their crowds get lively even without historic events taking place so I can only imagine what tonight will be like. My bet is at least partial nudity by 11:30 or so. I recommend their ‘zinger mountain’ for parties of 4 or more.

The Broadway Palm Theatre, becoming more of a night spot is projecting the game on the big screen with snacks. Seems a classy way to go. Their renovated lobby is a nice place to take in the game I’m sure.

ImageLa Bamba in Estero is offering $20 for an open bar plus dinner for a party slated from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. with two life D.J.s spinning after the game. Very tempting, I admit.

Really everywhere in Dunk CIty will be playing the game, it seems. Just go walk ANYWHERE and walk in.

No matter how you party, there is a swelling support from just about everyone here and it is overwhelming. A bit heartwarming too. Just be sure to party safe in Dunk City. Because you know sure as you will be wasted with those free shots, Lee County’s drunk tank will unofficially become a DUNK tank—where the party is sure to continue. I’ll try my hardest not to check online in the morning for the DUIs and pray for the safety of all. Should be one for the books—the nation is watching so let’s keep it classy Eagles! Let’s not overturn any cars or anything ok?!!

—Eric Raddatz, SWFL arts impresario, will be taking a break from all of that indie film stuff and doing shots every time the Eagles alley-oop—from his couch. Follow Eric on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ericraddatz

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